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What are the Financing Options for Solar Power Installations

Finding the right solar power supplier for you can be a monumental task. Not only do you need the right model for your specific needs, but you also want to be sure the system is of the highest quality and is backed by a comprehensive warranty. Hopefully¸ you have used a Solar broker , such as Solar Brokers Canada ( http://solarbrokerscanada.com/ ) to clear the clouds for you, offering informed information and guidance.

Once you have selected the solar power system for you, you will need to decide on how you will finance the project. Your broker can offer the best advice on this as well. From a layperson, potential-consumer, quick investigation, it appears that there are several options including the following:

  • Energy efficiency mortgages: these are specific mortgages available for solar power systems with tax deduction bonuses.
  • Energy conservation loans may be available from various financial institutions as they get on board with environmental protection. These may be offered at a rate of prime or less.
  • Home equity loans: as a home improvement, installing a solar energy system may qualify for this option, as it is certainly a beneficial move to increase the value of your home and improve efficiency of its operation.
  • Rebates or grants offered by different provinces for residents who make upgrades to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.
  • Leasing of solar power systems.
  • Installing solar power under the microFIT program http://microfit.powerauthority.on.ca/  This involves actually producing and selling power to the electrical company as an investment.

Taking advantage of these special loans or other options, coupled with rebates or other incentives, can make your solar energy system very affordable now, and put money in your pocket down the road as you save on energy consumption and eventually own your system.

There are other options to be discovered. Talk to the experts before you commit. Solar Brokers Canada can help.


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How to Decide the Music for Your Wedding

Typical weddings are divided into five segments. You need to deicide the music for your wedding based on these five segments. The first past is the prelude. This segment marks the welcome of the guests in the wedding. It is played fifteen to thirty minutes before the ceremony starts. The music for this part should be something that is welcoming.

The second part is the procession which sets the stage for the bridesmaids, ushers and other attendants who are supposed to walk down the aisle. You can either keep the same music for all of them or change the music for everyone. The tone of music should be celebratory or joyful.

The third part is the ceremony. For this you can choose a choir, a solo singer or just some music in the background. The music can be soothing or romantic. The favorite song of the couple may be a good choice.

Recession is the fourth segment. It should be marked with a jouyous and powerful music. It should be loud and quick too. The last part, that is, postlude can continue with the celebratory or upbeat music.

If you are looking for a theme based music group, Jimi Jive 5  is a good option as they play music from the 1950s.


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