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Only CENTURY 21 offers you AIR MILES Rewards and CENTURY 21 Connections

Can I earn free AIR MILES when I buy or sell a home? 
Yes, but only if you buy or sell with a CENTURY 21 sales representative. CENTURY 21 is the ONLY real estate organization that offers you AIR MILES
How many AIR MILES will I get?
You will receive 2 AIR MILES for every $1,000 worth of home price, bought or sold, to a maximum of 1500 AIR MILES per transaction. For example, if you sell your home for $200,000, through CENTURY 21, you will earn 400 AIR MILES! And if you then purchase a new home, through CENTURY 21, for say $250,000, then you will earn and additional 500 AIR MILES! You could earn a trip across the country, absolutely free, just by listing and buying a home through CENTURY 21!
Is there any cost to me to collect these AIR MILES?
None whatsoever. If you already an AIR MILES collector, your AIR MILES will simply be credited to your account. If you're not already a collector, your CENTURY 21 Miller sales representative can help get you signed up absolutely free.
When can I fly?
As soon as your AIR MILES are credited to your account. This will be about 4 to 6 weeks after the sale or purchase of your home is completed. To find out if your AIR MILES have been credited to your account, you can call the AIR MILES Customer Service Centre at 1-800-563-4108 (for service in English) or 1-800-363-8246 (for service in French).
Are my AIR MILES strictly redeemable for flying?
No, your AIR MILES travel miles can also be redeemed for a wide variety of products and services. ·
What's a bonus offer?
If you list your home, or buy a home, through CENTURY 21, within the designated bonus period, you will receive an AIR MILES bonus on top of your regularly earned AIR MILES reward. 

List and sell your home, or buy a home through CENTURY 21 Miller and you win both ways. You get the best real estate service in the business AND you earn free AIR MILES travel miles.  Please call for details.

CENTURY 21 Connections

CENTURY 21 is the FIRST national real estate organization to satisfy today's consumer's need for convenience.
Your CENTURY 21 professional provides comprehensive services through our CENTURY 21 Connections partners to give you the highest level of service and the peace of mind you deserve.

Mortgage Services
Home Warranty Protection
Home Inspections Services
Transaction Closing Services
Professional Moving Services

When you work with our partners in the CENTURY 21 Connections program you will earn additional bonus AIR MILES Reward Miles.  Call for details.